Education & Healthcare

Education in Cyprus is set at a very high standard. In addition to Greek speaking public schools Cyprus has a thriving sector of private elementary and secondary schools for international pupils across the island.

Third level education is offered at the University of Cyprus and other private colleges based across the island which offer accredited undergraduate and graduate courses in a wide range of disciplines taught in English linked to universities in the UK and USA.

Healthcare in Cyprus is also of high standard and is recognised by the World Health Organisation to be on par with developed countries. No vaccinations are required to enter Cyprus and has a very low rate of infectious diseases and epidemics. Food and water safety are also strictly monitored by the Medical and Public Health Services Department.

Medical services in Cyprus have well equipped and modern hospitals. In addition to the Government Hospitals located in all major towns, treatment is available at private clinics and hospitals. With most doctors, dentists, specialists and general practitioners having been educated and trained in the UK, USA or other major European countries and Russia.