The Cyprus Lifestyle

Surrounded by the warm Cypriot hospitality who welcome the return of many visitors to the island year after year, the balance of quiet rural areas and urban cities of the island offer a unique relaxed lifestyle.

A traditional and peaceful island with remarkably low crime rates, 1/6 of the European average, Cyprus offers security and peace of mind for homeowners and visitors alike.

Goods and services in Cyprus are reasonably priced with a high standard of living, dining out, grocery shopping and general services across the island. Supermarkets and local markets offer an abundance of local fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat along with fully stocked supermarkets that provide a wide range of local and imported goods from the UK & EU, Russia and the rest of the world. Department stores and shopping malls hold international fashion brands and retailers. High fashion boutiques, specialty stores and services and a wide variety of popular and world-known restaurant chains and cafes are also available across the island with plentiful leisure and sporting activities.

Predictable sunshine for most of the year is just another reason of many why more and more people are choosing to visit Cyprus and make it their home to maintain and enjoy a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.